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I am working as a mathematician at the Acoustics Research Institute, which I head as director since 2012. There I am the founder and co-leader of the working group 'Mathematics and Signal-processing in Acoustics'. In 2011 I was awarded the START-price. If you want to know more about my scientific interests and want to find some scientific links, look here.

I am playing the drums in the band 1-2-3 Oberst und Wolfage. If you want to know more about my musical and cultural interests, look here. ACHTUNG, ONLY IN GERMAN!

In my leisure time I like to play roleplaying games. I also like to play board games, and card games. Are you interested in games? Then look here. ACHTUNG, ONLY IN GERMAN!

I am playing Baseball with the Tulln Ravens , an Austrian Baseballteam.

Other links and some of my other interests can you find here.

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Impressum: Peter Balazs, Albrechtsgasse 31, 3430 Tulln, Austria XXL